Application-Aware Data Center Network Bandwidth Utilization: the case of ethio telecom

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The existing ethio telecom data center network (DCN) is the traditional model which provides only the Best Effort (BE) traffic delivery service on a layer three links with the same priorities for all applications traffic. A diversity of applications is running on the data centers, the scarcity innetwork bandwidth of data centers become the performance bottleneck for the integration of enterprise systems. The most important point is that the existing network has not a dynamic bandwidth management strategy, which lacks of flexible bandwidth utilization among different types of applications. To guarantee the network performance for system integration, an efficient in-network bandwidth management should be considered. In this thesis work, a QoS model for an aggregated applications traffic in the DCN with a constrained bandwidth and with a consideration of the business criticality of the applications has been designed. The model nearly supports guarantees of QoS to real-time traffic without reserved bandwidth, and it assured forwarding high priority class traffic for business and mission critical applications. The design approach is based on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Differentiated Service(DS) Per-Hop-Behavior (PHB) group. Different types of Active queue management(AQM) and packet scheduler algorithms have been compared on the proposed design to minimize the packet loss and delay of each aggregated traffic class. In addition, the dynamic Benefit weighted scheduling (DB-WS) algorithm is modified to adapt with our solution, the algorithm dynamically allocated bandwidth based on the average queue length of each service class. Extensive simulation results have shown that our proposed design is capable of improving the bandwidth utilization as well as providing desirable network performance for real-time and business-critical applications on a bottleneck link and also reduce the total packet loss by 1.34 %.



Quality of Service (QoS), Differentiated Service (DiffServ), Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP), Expedited Forwarding (EF), Assured Forwarding (AF), constrained bandwidth, Active queue management(AQM), bandwidth allocation