The Status and Challenges of Educational Research Undertaking and Dissemination at College of Education and Behavioral Studies, Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The general objective of this study was to investigate the status and determinants of educational research undertaking and dissemination in Addis Ababa University. In doing so, the independent variables were categorized in to two: individual and environmental variables while the dependent variable was research output. Mixed methods approach was employed for the study, which was mainly quantitative, but also used qualitative approach for triangulation purposes. The study found out that the status of educational research practice at CEBS was at medium level and the level of research results dissemination as it was low. Furthermore, it was found out that career and self knowledge variables were the strongest predictors of research output. Thus, it was recommended that the university should improve incentive and reward mechanism to encourage its researchers; the university should reduce teaching workloads for those teachers who showed high interest and commitments in conducting educational research by creating sort of criteria/system, involve postgraduate program students to help lecturers in their research work. CEBS needs to exert further effort to find additional fund through partnership and networking with national and international organizations and institutions. Finally, it was recommended that AAU, at larger level, and CEBS in particular, should conduct self-evaluation of faculty research productivity.