Improvement of Maintenance Management System A Case Study on Walia Intercity Bus Service Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis seeks to provide a greater depth into the exploration of the subject “Vehicle Maintenance Management System” (VMMS). It is found that improved maintenance helps to increase revenues of a firm by increasing vehicle or equipment performance and availability. Most importantly, firms must have maintenance policies and strategies so that the whole firm will be directed in the same direction to reduce equipment down time. The purpose of this thesis is to improve the existing maintenance management system and maintenance efficiency of the enterprise under consideration. The establishment of effective and efficient maintenance management system is the mechanism by which controllable costs are reduced and equipment availability is increased. Controllable costs are the costs incurred due to improper decision during purchasing process by selecting incompatible and cheap price items with out considering reliability and maintainability, and costs incurred due to poor maintenance management system practiced during operation. Thus, the main objective of this thesis is to examine the existing maintenance of Walia Intercity Bus Service Enterprise (WIBSE) and recommend better maintenance management system that enhances vehicle availability with reasonable maintenance cost. The author believes upon implementation of the recommended maintenance management system, availability of vehicles for transportation and useful life are expected to increase due to minimizing of down time and abuse.



Mechanical Engineering