The Role of Community-Based Saving and Credit Cooperatives in Helping The Academic Achievement of Students: The Case of Higher 12 Secondary School

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the role of Mierague community based saving and credit cooperative for the academic achievement of students in Higher 12 Secondary School. In this study; saving practice, income capacity and educational expenditure were taken as major independent variables that affect the academic achievement of participant parent members‟ children. In order to meet the objectives of the study, a community- case study design was employed which is appropriate to gather adequate and intensive information from some group of persons or a program. Mixed research method was also used to capture the best of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. This method is particularly important in complementing the limitations of each method by another. The data used are mainly primary ones. Other sources are secondary data which also include documents. The primary data were collected from participant parent members and school principal that were selected based on availability sampling; teachers and students based on purposive sampling. Accordingly, a total of 36 participants were employed in the study. Data collecting instruments such as questionnaire, interviews, focus group discussion and document review were used for collecting relevant data. Data were analyzed and interpreted using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The findings of the study indicate that some of participant parent members have shown improvement in affording their children‟s school expenses. Therefore, based on the majority of findings and conclusions; it is recommended that both the society and the concerned government bodies in the area should work hand- in- hand to make a strong tie between education and economy through community based saving and credit cooperatives that can promote students to be high academic achievers. Similarly, the currently observed high cost of living and increased educational expenditure should be tackled through mutual help associations such as Mierague community based saving and credit cooperative and other multipurpose consumer cooperatives.