School Climate and Its Impact on Teachers Motivation In Private Primary Schools Nifas Silk- Lafto Sub - City, Addis Ababa City Administration

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The purpose of this study was to assess school climate and its impact on teacher motivation in private primary schools of Nifas Silk – Lafto Sub – City, Addis Ababa City Administration. To meet this purpose, basic questions related to the level of teacher motivation for their profession, school related factors and school leadership affecting motivation and teacher involvement in improving school climate were raised to guide the study. In order to find appropriate answer for these basic questions, descriptive survey design that involves both quantitative and qualitative approach of data gathering and analysis was employed. Altogether, the subjects were 113 participants selected from four private schools. This includes 95 teachers selected using random sampling technique and , 4 principals, 10 vice principals and 4 supervisors purposely picked from the selected schools. The study used both quantitative and qualitative method so that questionnaire, interview and observation were the main instruments of data collection. Frequency count and percentage mean were, used to analyze the collected data. The result of the study suggested that school climate and motivation of teachers are very much related. If the climate was conducive teachers are very much motivated. Based on the outcome of the study it was concluded, the school leaders do not play the expected role to involve stakeholders in creating a better school climate; teachers’ initiation to take part in leadership is not satisfactory. Based on the conclusion, it was, recommended that, school leaders should give more attention to create a conducive school climate which could motivate teachers



School climate, motivation, private primary school