The role of commercial bank of ethiopia‘s management in adopting organization culture that enhances organizational effectiveness The case of arada district

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Addis Ababa University


The study has sought the role of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia‟s Management in adopting organization culture that enhances organizational effectiveness. The study used the Denison‟s organizational culture model. The major objective was to assess the extent the CBE management group involves itself in adopting organizational cultures that enhance the Bank‟s effectiveness. The study used Descriptive survey research design and quantitative research method to objectively answer the proposed research questions. Simple random sampling technique with probability proportional to size (PPS) allocation was designed to select sample branches and respondents from the 19 sampled branches. One hundred sixteen participants, non-manager employees and management members, were involved in the questionnaires and all have responded. Descriptive analyses were carried out to analyze the data using SPSS 25. The study outcome shows that as per the views of Non- Managers all organizational dimensions (involvement, consistency, adaptability and mission) are practiced moderately by the Bank‟s management group; while from the standpoint of the Managers‟ group they are all practiced at a higher level. What is more, the mean comparison test, between the two groups, shows that there is a significant mean difference at 5% level of significance. Accordingly, the Managers believe that there is high Organizational Effectiveness at CBE but Non- Managers do not agree where they believe there is only moderate Organizational Effectiveness. The research meets its objectives and answers to the main and subsequent research questions: „Does CBE‟s Management playing its role in adopting organizational cultures that enhance organizational effectiveness? The answer is yes; however, the CBE‟s management team is perceived by Non-Manager Employees as a management team that plays its role of adopting organizational cultures moderately. On the other hand, the Managers group considers itself as a team that plays its role of adopting organization cultures that enhance organizational effectiveness at a higher level. The study recommends that CBE‟s Top management bridge this gap



Involvement culture, Consistency culture, Adaptability culture