Health Hazards of Radon

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Addis Ababa University


The human environment is one in which ionizing radiations are present at all times and at all places on the Earth from the deepest caves to the highest mountains and on the space. Radon and its decay products are present wherever radium and thorium exist in the Earth or in any planetary material. In the terrestrial environment the inhaled radon isotopes and their daughter products make up almost two–thirds of the total dose to living tissue. In this project the great attention is directed to detailed description of the radiations that comes from radioactive gas found naturally in the environment (radon) from natural radio nuclides such as uranium (radium) and thorium and their health effects upon living tissue especially on breathing organ (lung). In general radon gas and short lived radon daughters (SLRDs) reaches human body via inhalation with air or ingestions with foods and waters, results health hazards particularly lung cancer related to radon gas inhalation or ingestion.



Health Hazards, Radon, Recommendation, Conclusions