An Assessment of Business Process ReengineCl"ing Implementation in Dire Dawa University

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Addis Ababa University


rhe research o/y'eclives are In (lssess the extent {~fjJrep(ll'ali()n made.!i)I' illlsiness Process Reengineering (131)11) Implemen/alion, 10 ielenli!i, Ihe degree 0/ BIIsiness I'l'IIcess lIeengineering (BI'II) IlI1plell1ei71ar ion, /() inllesligole Ihe ochievemenl in Implell1enling BIIsiness Process !leengineeril/g (81'11), 10 ideuli/j' lllec/wni.\'lJlsivll'ulegies 'l1u/ the Unipel'si!y exercised dl/ring Ihe im/J/cIII(!n/uliol7 (?f' hllsines.\' process r£'C' Il/:.!';I1(, (, J'illg. ro {If/{/in these () /~i(' ('lil 'e.\" fhe lJlelhot/%,{!J' elllployed were desc/,ip/;\'(! slllTey method ulld II/Ol'eOl'er, duIU lI 'ere co/leered hy lIIeons I!/(jllesliunnuire (liJl' lOp e.reclllilles, /JI'R lellil/leaders, pl'llces.1 Oll 'l/el'S, und joh perfill'll/ers) : Inle,."ieli! (Ii,,' Top execlllives, B[,II leum leaden) (Ind FocIIs CI'I/IIP IJiscIIssio"./i)l' II,e pi'll cess Oll'ners, ,liejinding oj'rhe S/i1l0l revealed Ihul Ihe preparolion and plw1I1ing/iJr UPR illlplemenl{/{ion lI'ere some 11'1'1111 good, , Ihe sll'llngesl hurriers lI'ere: I,uck o/knoll'ledge abo III IJr'lI, r eur 0/ losing johs by elllployees, Lock 0/ COll1milmenl ./i'OI11 Illp 111Onagelllelll, Elllpillyees resislunc(' 10 chllnge, lIapid chunge 0/ eXlemll1 enl'ironl7lenl, Luck II/resollrces (lillIe, monel', Sill//.' elc,). The kCI' sllccess / i lclors 0/ /JPI? illlplelllenrolion lI'ere poor in Ihe IIniversily. ,lie illlplelllemalilln aelivilies II ere sOllie II'IWI done excepl neceSS!II )' prepu/'Olion fur pilol lesling, eSlahlishmenl o/p/'Ohlell1 r esollliion process Will Plun to I1lOl1oge 'he chunge process 11'el'e floo/' or nol Ire/! dO}1C', These (lc/ivifies 1I,(:'r(:' UI7 ellecl i l'e i/lld IIsliolly necesswy wol/i>r IIlIIl'ing Ihe orgllnizlliion sliccess/ iilly /() j il/lscllie implell/elllllllO ll, And "Iso pilollesling I I'IIS nol condllcled, Ihe elevelopmenl orlJl'R CO//lllulI7icalion pl'l!grall1 al/d 111(,.1" "'c' deli"ered und Ihe assessmenl or cO//lmllnicalion e(fecliveness, Ihe idenlilicalion or pOlemial illllJlelllenlalion haniers ami II'''), o"CI'coliling Ihelll and Ihe Illinimizalion ,,(hlirelllleralic sll'llCllire 1I','re poor in Ihe Unil'er sily, The mechanisms/ slralegies in place 10 a/lel'iale challenges in IJ I ' /I illlplelllenialionihe provision o/adeqllale lraining, (/l1d seIJW'''le/i,{}/1l old II'U} ' oj' do il/,!!, Il'IJrk Il'ere 1"!fIr ill lilt, IIlI il 'e rsill". In genemi, Ihis illlplies Ihal Ihere is no radical change or drwl"/iilic change rulher il is incremento/. In order./i,,' chonge /0 he elllhroced, evel)J()ne IIIl1s1 lInderstood lI'here Ihe orgonizoliol1 is lot/a)" \l'hy Ihe orgonl=(ltiol1 needs to clwnge, (Inri where Ihe nrganiz(llhm needs In he In order In survive, Becollse BPR con flolen/iolly require signj/ic(1111 changes an .orgal1i=aliol1. il IIIffst hegin ll'il /i. a COlllllllll1icafions C(l/I'/I}(lign 10 et/I/cule or Iruining (11/ those who \I'ill he ilJll}(lcled hy this chol/ge, e '()IJ}llIlflJicotion to 011 levels (~l l'e rS()I111el IIIl1sl relll(lin (lclive ./i'ol/l slarl to .lin ish keelJing eve,),one invo /l'cd (I/l(llI'()J'king IOIl'(lrds (I C{)I1/1IWn go (II, Iflilholll (f common IInderstanding a/Jo"l \rhat is happening, COI!/i !, ,' ::7 (Inti IIl1cerloinly abo {(I the / iI/lire c(ln reslIlt in resislance strong enough /0 slop 011,1' reeng;l1eering e,!(ort, BPI? Is most e.!lecllve when eVeJ)IOne IfJUler,Hanc/s the needjhr chonge and works loge/her /0 leol' dOll'n old husint' ,"s s\'stell1s and !Jllild nell' ones,



Business Process ReengineCl"ing