The Supply Response of Subsistence Peasants: The Case of Tefe-growers in Some Districts of Shoa

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In an attempt to assess the supply behaviour of subsistence peas ants , this study concentrated on some teff (Eragrostis teff) growing peasant associations within Shoa Adminstrative Region . The associations were selected on the basis of their open market teff price levels and the necessl1ry information was obtained through a survey based on simple random sampling . Regression and covariance analyses were used for analyzing the data . The result of the production anelysis showed that the peasants are efficient in utilizing the resources (traditional and non-traditional) at their comnand and henc a superior alternative to increase production lies on measures intended to raise the consumption of non- tradional inputs. The analysis of market behaviour also showed that market supply o f teff is an increasing function of output . by and large, the solution to the present food problem seems to be best served by policies which increase investment and improve the incentive structure in favour of the peasant sector .



The case of Tefe-Growers, Subsistence Peasants, Supply response