Determinants of Agricultural Input Technologies Adoption by Smallholder Farmers in Rural Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The adoption of agricultural technology is an important route for raising agricultural productivity, and thereby for increasing food security status; over the past several years, a great deal of technologies has been developed. However, small-scale farmers only embraced a small portion of these technologies. So it is essential to comprehend and to be informed the obstacles to adoption of modern agricultural technologies quite crucial to develop and distribute practical technologies to farmers. Despite countrywide initiatives to encourage adoption, the rates have generally been minimal. This study investigates the determinants of agricultural input technologies adoption by smallholder farmers in rural Amhara regional state, Ethiopia, the study is based on an Ethiopian socio-economic survey of 2018/19 and a sample of 487 farm households is considered. Descriptive and econometric analysis tools were used. The results show that about 15.61%, 88.09%, 60.99%, 40.66%, and 32.44% of sample households adopted improved seed, crop rotation, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide respectively. Technologies were complementary and Smallholder farmers were more likely to succeed than fail in jointly adopting agricultural technologies. The paper uses a multivariate probit model to assess the factors affecting the adoption decision of agricultural technology. The result shows that farmers with more educational level, extension service, sex, age, oxen power, soil quality, and access to irrigation, erosion, credit access, advisory service, and distance from the market are more likely to adopt new or improved agricultural technology. Accordingly, the study recommends the need of policies and interventions on adoption of agricultural technology should pay attention and move along with those variables significantly influencing adoption of agricultural technology and other concerned parties should emphasize the strengthening of the institutional support network