Impact Assessment of Literacy Skills on the Income Generating Schemes for Poor Women in Addis Ketema Sub City The Case of Organization for Women in Self Employment jWISEj

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the Impact of WISE project intervention on the income generating schemes for poor women in Addis Ketema Sub City. In order to achieve this purpose, basic questions were raised • that were intended to address the project · overall design, implementation activities and impact on the livelihoods generation capabilities of targeted beneficiaries in the study area. Case study method was employed to carry out the research. Both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered using questionnaire, interview FGD and document reviewing as a method of data collection. The analysis of data was carried out using descriptive narrative and percentage analysis method. The participants of the study were categorized into seven groups and different sampling techniques were employed to select samples from each group. A total of 44 beneficiaries of the project were selected using availability sampling method, to fill out the questionnaire; and another 53 were selected using the same sampling technique and got involved as participants in an in depth interview and FGD. The purposive sampling technique was used to collect data from 2 literacy facilitators and 8 project staffs. The findings of the study indicated that the project has been designed and implemented in the area with the view of promoting income generating schemes for poor women by maximizing the beneficiaries' income generating capabilities using tools; skills trainings, saving, loan and micro business development. The project created an opportunity for literacy learning and easy access to loan for many women beneficiaries. The study finding disclosed a well organized and efficient skill training program delivery, close follow up and supervision support, excellent business management counseling service, respectful and worthwhile treatment to . the beneficiaries that contributed to the paramount effect of promoting the living standard of the beneficiaries. Finally, the study concluded that there is a high demand for the expansion of the project intervention in the study area. Hence due consideration should be given to the establishment of' networking and partnership promotion; with different funding organization to expand the contribution of the project and ensure its sustairiability to other deprived women.



income generating schemes for poor women