Adoption of Nanotechnology in case of Ethiopian Textile Industry

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Addis Ababa University


Nanotechnology provides plenty of efficient tools and techniques to produce desirable fabric attributes, mainly by engineering modifications of the fabric surface. Due to the advancement of Nanotechnology in the manufacturing of fiber or yarns including the development of fabric finishes, the applications and scopes are widespread in the area of textiles for the last few decades. According to this research study the existence and the application of Nano technologies with in Ethiopian textile industries are very minimal or we can say it does not exist. So we listed enablers which will introduce Nanotechnology and used a multi criteria decision making method MCDM to rank which is more effective to implement Nanotechnology among the listed enablers and according to the research result the government is highly capable to introduce and implement Nanotechnology within the Ethiopian textile industries. Government can mobilize market, technical, financial institution and socio economic activities to introduce Nano technology within textile manufacturing industries. The introduction and implementation of Nano technology by the government with in textile manufacturing industries could be easier than the other alternatives. The implementation of Nano technology within textile manufacturing industries enhances the quality of the textile and the development of manufacturing industries.