Spin Dependent 2d Electron Scattering by Nanomagnets

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Addis Ababa University


The fundamental concept of spintronics,the di erence between nanoparticle and the corresponding bulk material is presented. Mathematical expression of scattering amplitude is derived for 3D and 2D scattering of electron from small target particle. But emphasis is given for 2D scattering problem of an electron by a magnetized nanoparticle using Born approximation with account of the dipole- dipole interaction of the magnetic moments of electron and nanomagnet. Born approximation doesn't work for nanomagnet gigantic ,for slow particles. We can justify it only for fast particle. The scattering amplitudes in this problem are the two-component spinors. They are obtained as functions of the electron spin orientation, the electron energy and show anisotropy in scattering angle. The initially polarized beam of electrons scattered by the nanomagnet consists of electrons with no spin ipped and spin ipped. The majority of electrons with no spin ipped are scattered by small angles. The majority electrons with spin ipped are scattered in the vicinity of the scattering angles 2 and 3 2 .This can be used as one more as one more method of controlling the spin current. The scattering amplitudes depend on mutual orientation of the magnetic moment of the nanomagnet and the electron,the energy of electron and the scattering angle



Spin Dependent 2d Electron