Awareness, Attitude, and use of Indiginous Resources in Preschool Education in Shambu Town of the Horro Guduru Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State

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Use of local resources such as local storytelling, plays and games, materials and aids and languages is critical for the success of children‟s‟ learning in preschool years and even in upper grades. The approach of teaching the children is expected to be indigenized so as to attain a more planned and lasting positive effect on the children‟s learning. The aim of this paper was to examine the level of use of local resources, attitudes and awareness of preschool teachers as well as to identify the challenges hindering the practice of use of local resources in teaching the preschool children. To achieve these objectives, the mixed method approach was used in the study. Both primary and secondary data were collected through quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (interview and FGD) tools from a sample of respondents taken from 3 government preschools and private schools. The findings of the study showed that there was a gap between what was expected and the actual practice of use of local resources in teaching the children in the preschools. Furthermore, the attitude and awareness level of the preschool teachers was below the expected level. The correlation coefficient obtained indicated that the low attitude level of the teachers was strongly and negatively correlated with the use of local resources in the preschool. However, the correlation between the level of awareness and use of local resource of the teachers had moderate positive correlation. The overall finding was that the use of local resources in the preschool was below the expected level and needs urgent improvement. Concerning bodies were recommended to take their respective responsibilities to put in place a strong mechanism to enforce the use of local resources in teaching the preschool children in the study area.



Attitudes, Awareness, Children, Local, Practice, Preschools, Resource, teachers