Examining the Relationship Between Leadership Style and Organization Culture: Case Study on At-Con Engineering & Architectural Plc

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper explores the relationship between leadership style and organizational culture in At-Con Engineering & Architectural Plc. It employs a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative research methods to gather existing theories and quantitative research to examine the relationship. A survey was conducted among the company's personnel, using a validated questionnaire to assess leadership styles (including transformational, democratic, servant and autocratic) and organizational culture. Leadership style is considered the independent variable, while organizational culture is the dependent variable. Descriptive statistics were used to interpret the survey data, and inferential statistics such as correlation analysis and linear regression were employed to analyze the relationship. Thematic analysis was also conducted on the qualitative data from the literature. The findings indicate a positive and meaningful connection between leadership style and organizational culture at At-Con Engineering & Architectural Plc and also democratic leadership style has been found the dominant and prevailing leadership style. The study highlights the importance of democratic leadership in fostering a positive organizational culture. Overall, this research enhances our understanding of how leadership style influences organizational culture and provides valuable insights for organizations to develop a positive culture through effective leadership practices