This is to Certify That the Thesis Prepared by Ermiyas Woldeyohanes Titled: Design and Implementation of Online Kësëtaniña–Amharic–English Multimedia

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Addis Ababa University


This study presents the design and implementation of an online Kësëtaniña–Amharic– English Multimedia Dictionary (KAEMD). The dictionary can help its users get dictionary meaning for a word in one of Kësëtaniña, Amharic, English language with equivalent meanings of the other two languages including illustration with Kësëtaniña pronunciation and image/video and usage examples in the respective language and the morphological properties of the Kësëtaniña word. In addition, the system has a page that can provide with visual dictionary services which can also address the need for hearing disabled person. There are also search service, suggest add new wordlist service, register and manage user and managing existing wordlist. The study also uses manually prepared morphological analysis for Kësëtaniña language for wordlists which are found in the dictionay since it is dificult to add all possible word forms in the dictionary The prototype is developed using a sample wordlist of 2000 Kësëtaniña wordlist with illustrations with multimedia file and usage examples of the wordlists. We have tested it for its functionality and usability through questionnaire distributed to 30 different people who are native speakers and who are not speakers of the language. Data obtained from the respondents revails that the overall system is relevant and more than 85% of the respondent provide positive aspects of the system as a comment which supports the useability and shows that the overall system is useable and important. The results have shown that the online dictionary system evaluation result has good reflection, to save searching time that make simpler than using paper based dictionary. It is easy to use and secure. It is also seen that from the evaluation, the system in general can address the problems of language revitalization through documenting the Kësëtaniña language. Keywords: Kistane, Kësëtaniña, Multimedia Dictionary, Online Dictionary, Kistane Language, Kistane Dictionary.



Kistane; Kësëtaniña; Multimedia Dictionary; Online Dictionary; Kistane Language; Kistane Dictionary