Practices and Problems of Educational Resources Management in Selected Lvet Colleges in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess and analyze the practices and problems of educational resource management in selected 7VET colleges in Addis Ababa City Administration. To this end, descriptive survey was used as a method. Source of data were trainers, Deans of both colleges and experts of 7VET agency. Available and purposive sampling technique was used to select trainers, Deans, and experts as respondents. Data gathering tools were questionnaire, interview, observation and document analysis. The analysis of data resulted in the following major findings: education and training provided in both colleges without organiZing training facilities and training materials, modules and texts were ,lot prepared by trainers at college level, practical and theoretical hours are not scheduled and treated as allocated. Major points to be seen as problems; shortage of time for trainers to prepare materials, lacle of updated ref erence booles in the library, lacle of adequate handouts, newspapers and magazines for trainees additional sleills, active learning methodology were not adequately used, lacle. of adequate awareness about concept of occupational standard and its requirement revealed as a problems. Finally, from findings conclusions were drawn and certain recommendations were made.



Problems of Educational Resources Management