Productivity Improvement through Line Balancing: Case Study of Nazareth Garment Share Company

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Addis Ababa University


Apparel industries must produce large quantities in shorter lead times in order to stay alive and compete in the current fashion market. Apparel production needs high level of productivity and production lines should be balanced to get shorter lead time in effective way. This work aimed at improving the productivity of garment manufacturing through line balancing with case factory of Nazareth garment Share Company. Time study data was collected from the real system of the factory trouser export production line. Data analysis was accomplished with arena input analyzer to develop a simulation model representing the real garment production process which also assisted to identify the bottlenecks for improvement. Finally, alternative improved models were proposed. The outcomes of the proposed alternative models showed improvement in results of the output, capacity utilization, productivity per operator, number of operator/resources, lead time, waiting time in queue, takt time and make span which predicted an increase in productivity through balanced lines.



Productivity, Line Balancing, Simulation