Parametric Analysis of Natural Draft Hyperbolic Cooling Tower under Seismic Load

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Addis Ababa University


Hyperbolic cooling towers are large, thin shell reinforced concrete structures which contribute to environmental protection and to power generation efficiency and reliability. They may be subjected to a variety of loading conditions such as self-weight, wind, earthquake, temperature and construction loads, among others. In this study, the dynamic behavior of hyperbolic cooling towers with various geometric properties under earthquake effect is examined. Geometrical parameter ratios of the cooling tower’s dimensions are considered in order to cover a wider spectrum of the cooling tower’s geometry. Various cooling tower samples with different geometric dimensions are analyzed and the effects of curvature, slenderness, thickness and throat level on the dynamic behavior of hyperbolic cooling towers are investigated. The influences of these parameters on the behavior of cooling tower are investigated by comparing lateral displacement, hoop force, meridional forces and moments. Numerical analysis are performed using a SAP2000 structural analysis software package. Finally, the hyperbolic cooling tower lateral displacement, force and moment changes due to the effect of geometric parameters are presented graphically and discussed in detail. The findings can be used as a basis for further research and establishment of conceptual design guidelines when considering seismic load on the dynamic behavior of cooling tower.



Hyperbolic cooling tower, Dynamic analysis, Earthquake