Signature of Tropospheric Ozone from Ftir Observations over Tropical Africa

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Addis Ababa University


The tropospheric column ozone derived from 236 measurement spectra under the condition of clear sky from May 2009 to Dec 2015 is analyzed. The main objective of this thesis is to show the high variability of tropospheric ozone over tropical Africa. For each day, ozone columns are retrieved from individual spectral measurements using PROFFIT code in the four micro windows. The tropospheric ozone obtained from the satellite is the di erence between the total column of the ozone monitoring instrument/Aura with the stratospheric column obtained from microwave limb soundert/Aura. The minimum and maximum observations of tropospheric column ozone are in May 22, 2009 and January 17, 2011 respectively. In general, elevated ozone have been recorded during spring and during summer. A closer look at the spring and the summer seasons show variations among the years. The maximum ozone column amount and volume mixing ratio are recorded in March 2013, 8:5 1017molecule=cm2 and 60 ppbv respectively



Ftir Observations over Tropical Africa