Implementation of Continuous Assessment in Bole Subcity Secondary Schools: Practice and Challengesdaba

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the implementation of continuous assessment in Bole sub- city Secondary Schools, thereby analysing the practice and challenges. To this end, descriptive survey design was employed, quantitative and qualitative methods were used. Data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources were principals, supervisors, teachers and students. The secondary sources were relevant policy documents and school reports. Stratified sampling techniques were employed to select students and teachers. Purposive sampling was used to select principals’ supervisors and education official. The data analysis led to the following major findings: it was found out that examinations were the most frequently used form of assessment; principals, it was also disclosed that there were some challenges. The major ones include ; un manageable class size, lack of training of teachers; teachers overloaded with work and students poor preparation for the proper implementation of CA. Based on the findings, it could be concluded that the implementation level in Bole sub-city secondary schools were poor. Based on the major findings and conclusion drawn, certain feasible recommendations were made. Some of these were ; Bole sub city officials and the school leadership should sensitize teachers and students on the CA; periodic refresher training in the implementation be provided for the teachers by professionals from the collage of education and behavioural studies of AAU