An Investigation of the Practices of Beginning Reading Instruction in Government and Public Elementary Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to find out the most con~on method of teaching reading to beginners. 50 teachers from thirty one elementary schools were the subjects of the study. To obtain data for the study, a questionnaire was distributed to the teachers. In addition, observation inside the class-rooms was carried out by the researcher. The teachers' responses were tallied, coded and percentages were computed for each variable. Besides, two background data variables of the teachers were compared with five selected variables about class-room techniques and methods and were cross-tabu~ated to see possible ~elationships. Results of the study show that the most common method of teaching reading was the 'look-and-say' method of words and larger language units. However, few teachers were using a combination of 'phonic', 'word' and 'sentence' methods of teaching. Experience of teachers was found out to correlated with their employment of 'eclectic' method. The study has also revealed that the teChniques of word recognition skill were used by an insignificant number of teachers. On the basis of these findings, recommendations concerning the teachers' quality improvement through training and preparation of the text-books are made.



Beginning Reading Instruction