Intercultural Relations In Kemisse Town (Oromia Zone) With Reference To Kemisse 01 Primary School

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Addis Ababauniversity


The study focused on examining intercultural relations in Kemisse Town (Oromia Zone) with reference to Kemisse 01 Primary School. In order to manage the study within a given time and resources, it was made to focus only in one school i.e. Kemisse 01 primary school. From the various types of diversities only four namely etanic, gerl:der, social class and religious diversities were treated in this study. It employed qualitative ethnographic method. Semi structured interview together with audio recording, observation with photographing and document analysis of some relevant materials were used as data gathering tools. Key informants of Kemisse community, officials, teachers and students of Kemisse Primary School, parents of these students were made to participate in the study. The study disclosed that diversity treatment in the community as well as in the school was not pleasant enough. There is an improvement of intercultural relation in the community over the years, however, still it is not that much pleasant. Intercultural relations among school communities have not been given significant attention. This is partly due to the lack of knowledge and skill in their pre-service and in-service training that enables the teachers and principals of the school to teach and manage properly in a setting where culturally different students learn together and partly due to lack of paying attention by the school to the national and global situation and act in line with it. The relationship between school and the community at present time is not satisfactory. Except gender) the formal curriculum in the school for both ethnic groups is found to be not sufficiently addressing intercultural relations among religions) ethnic groups and social classes. Improvements in such areas are very necessary. Providing a well organized in-service training and revising teacher and school leader training programs and their curriculum to the extent it is interculturalized and enable them equip with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude demands immediate action



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