Assessment of the Implementation of Industry Extension Services and Challenges; the Case of Selected Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions in Guraghe Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of the study was to assess the implementation and challenges of industry extension services in Sothern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, Guraghe Zone. To this end, five TVET institutions, MSEs, and stakeholders are randomly selected as a sample. The subject of the study was 16 TVET leaders (deans, vice deans and training coordinators), 34 operators of the MSEs, 50 TVET trainers and 9 representatives of stakeholders. The study was qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop sufficient data in explaining the problem at hand. The data for the study were obtained through questionnaires, interview, observation, and document survey and analyzed using SPSS software percentages and frequency counting method. Accordingly, the respondents’ sampling was carried out through stratified and purposive sampling techniques. The result of the study revealed that TVET training was not being given by qualified trainers, industry extension service is already started in the zone, all TVET institutions have a budget proposal for the implementation. Moreover, kaizen is found to be the most implemented package, industry extension service is being provided in the TVETs, members of the MSEs have the understanding that TVET training will develop confidence and self employability, all the staff of TVETs participate in the implementation process and there is low coordination and between the stakeholders and lower level of follow up which resulted in ineffective implementation of the service in the zone, in general. It is recommended that lack of awareness, cooperation and follow up is the major problem in the side of the stakeholders and in general industry extension service is not provided in accordance with the standards. Therefore it is recommended that TVETs should hire qualified trainers or upgrade the existing ones, awareness must be created in all the stakeholders so that proper follow ups and cooperation between them could occur, due attention must be given to all the four packages, its impact must be evaluated regularly, and the implementation should take place in a well organized place and workshop



Guraghe Zone Vocational Education and Training Institutions