Design and Analysis of Lifting Mechanism on Wheelchair Seat to Transfer to Bed and Car Seat

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Addis Ababa University


Wheelchair is a mobility gadget designed to be replacement for walking, moving physically disabled people ( having injuries in their legs and arm) from one place to other with the help of attendee or by means of self-propelling. The wheelchair is divided into two categories based on the power used mobility: manually powered wheelchair and electrically powered wheel chair. This research typically focuses on design of lifting mechanism on wheelchair seat for easy transfer of users to bed and car seat. The aim is to design a portable wheelchair that can allow the user to transfer and lift him/her-self into a bed, car seat and finally place it at his/her side without having someone to help out. More specifically the designed wheelchair has to move upward/downward to come to a level with the bed and car seat. The design stage initiated by gathering of literature review about the proposed design to know its development and defect from past to present day existing wheelchair designs. Different methodologies have been proposed based on human anthropometric data and test for improvement of lifting mechanism of the wheelchair to maximize the utility of the chair. The conventional method of using care givers to reach optimum height of the wheelchair encounter a lot of limitation (time and energy consumption, comfort, weight of patient that can be carried etc.). In this Research paper manually operated hydraulic scissor lift has been designed and it will be attached to the wheelchair seat. The geometry and joints of this mechanism were carefully arranged so that only one actuator needs to be controlled, enabling the wheelchair user to adjust the seat using manually operating hand pedal that can rise and lower the hydraulic scissor lift. On the theoretical part; the material selection, brief description of the proposed design, cylinder selection and hydraulic control system description were done. The geometrical design; each component of the mechanism was designed using SOLIDWORK software, the hydraulic control system design was done using FLUID SIM software, the dynamic analysis and functionality simulation testing of the lifting mechanism of the design were done using MATLAB and ANSYS WORKBENCH soft wares. Finally, by comparing with the existing manual wheelchairs and survey data‟s about existing wheelchair standard sizes , the proposed mechanism design was comfortable and easily operated with less effort from patients having a seat lifting mechanism than can rise up to a height of 0.3m with a maximum load of 150Kg, which will increase the existing cost by 2500-3000ETB. It was intended to increase the independence of the end user while transferring to bed and car seats. Validation of the design was done and usage is found satisfactory.



Car Seat, Lifting Mechanism, Wheelchair Seat, Bed and Car Seat