Assessment of Leadership Style of Women in Management Positions: the Case Of Enat Bank

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Addis Ababa University


It is assumed that an organization's overall success is influenced by the type of leadership style used. The purpose of this study was to find out which leadership styles women in management prefer. The study also attempted to evaluate women's self-perceived leadership styles in management roles. There were145 branch managers, out of this target population who served as the study's primary and base organization, 11 female branch managers of Enat Bank were purposively selected. A descriptive design and a qualitative research methodology were used in this study. An interview sheet was used to gather the data. All 11 papers were correctly completed and submitted, and further inquiries were made over the phone. The findings of this study indicated that the Democratic Leadership Style is the most favoured one. The second most popular leadership style is autocratic. This study findings also showed that women branch managers are aware of different leadership philosophies and that their self-perceived philosophies match the outcomes of the interview sheet. More surveys with additional women in management positions are recommended based on the study findings. The study findings also offered suggestions for further research on women in leadership for individuals with an interest in the topic. On top of these, it is highly recommended that the bank to exercise transformational and democratic leadership styles in combination emphasizing more on transformational leadership style