Feasibility Study and Performance Evaluation (Simulation) of Solar Dryer for Akaki Spare Part and Hand Tools Share Company Moulding Sand Drying Mechanism

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Addis Ababa University


ilica sand is sand that is used for molding processes. When a catalyst is added to it, it develops the bonding characteristics of the raisin, which binds the silica sand together. Its moisture content (17.24% initial and 0.5% final moisture content) is extremely critical sand additive that can be greatly impact casting quality. In this study flat plate solar collector was used because, it is the most important type of solar collector and it is simple in design, has no moving parts and requires little maintenance. The analysis of heat transfer coefficient (losses) through flat plate collector was discussed and the techniques that used to reduce these losses also mentioned (by using insulation). Mathematical modeling of solar dryer and drying chamber was described. This paper presents designs and performance evaluation of solar dryer for silica sand with its cost estimation. In the dryer, the heated air from a separate solar collector is passed through a tray, and at the same time, vertical blackened wall of the drying chamber, which is exposed to solar radiation. The results obtained during the test period revealed that the temperatures, moisture removed, drying rate and drying efficiency through dying chamber were decreasing during its upraise path. Initial cost of model solar dryer was estimated (2805 ETB). The number of dryer required is eleven so the total cost is equal to 30855ETB



Mechanical Engineering