Assessment of Recruitment and Selection Practice in Ethiopian Electric Power Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


The success and failure of organization depends to the extent as to know how much efficient, experienced and capable employee are procured and recruited. The purpose of this study was to assess recruitment and selection practice in Ethiopian Electric power enterprise. The study used both quantitative and qualitative approach and employed descriptive research design to objectively answer the research questions. For achieving the study objective, 184 sample respondents were selected through simple random sampling technique. Accordingly, data were collected through self administered Questionnaire and interview from sample respondents. Out of 184 respondents, workable data were obtained from 179 respondents. The study found that newspaper is the only recruitment EEP does not consider other methods, there is no proper planning for recruitment and selection processes and there is a very long delay in filling the vacant position and also there is lack of transparence in selection criteria and process .Planning is key for effective Human resource management. Every problem identified in this study occurred due to lack of proper planning. Generally the practices of recruitment and selection were characterized with lots of problems. The study suggested that EEP should haves proper strategic plan for recruitment and selection, conduct internal HR and cost benefit analysis for each recruitment and selection methods and tools and to use online recruitment and selection.



Recruitment, Selection