A Study of the Problems of First Cycle Primary School Teachers Trainning in Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


The basic aim of this study was to identifY the problems faced by TTIs of SNNPR in recruiting trainees, and trainers' quality and implementing practice teaching. Data on these variables were collected from 220 trainees and 60 trainers of Arbaminch and Bong teacher training institutes. The study employed descriptive analysis including t-test, comparing the means of responses and frequency analysis. The study results indicated that the recruitment procedure applied in the region doesn't focus on selecting applicants with good academic background and positive attitude towards the profession. It also indicated that most trainers are below the required standard to train in teacher training institutes. The experience and professional knowledge they have is not sufficient to work as trainer in teacher training institutes. The application of practice teaching also faced various problems and it doesn't provide adequate support to trainees. The trainers and teachers of primary school do not provide adequate supervision. The results also suggested that trainees and trainers recruitment be left to training institutes, the standard set regarding trainers be implemented and practice teaching be reorganized to make teacher education more effective.



Problems of First Cycle, Primary School Teachers Trainning