Shape Optimization of AALRT Wheel Profile

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Addis Ababa University


AALRT is the first modern light rail transit for Ethiopia; it was warmly welcomed by the public and after 1 ½ year still it doesn’t answer publics need of transport. However during this short period the trains suffer with fast wheel wear problem and ERC loses money for maintenance costs when changing and re-profiling wheels. This study aims to reduce wheel rail wear by optimizing wheel profile and check dynamic performance analysis of used and new optimized wheel profile. The methodology of this paper starts using two basics 1. If the shape of the Rolling Radius Difference function is defined by the wheel and rail profiles, then the opposite is also valid 2) When the same type of rolling stock is running on the same track and no influence of other type railway vehicles then there is a possibility to design or optimize a new wheel profile, which matches an existing rail profile. Then the obtained profile checked regarding to dynamic performances (tested for stability, wear and safety requirements) using SIMPACK computer package. After optimization and performance analysis the result of this paper shows optimized wheel profile has wear index of 1900N, 420N and 56N on R50curve, R150 curve and on straight track respectively. Which is optimized by 1100N, 120N and 22N wear index compared to currently used AALRT wheel profile. As Conclusion compared to AALRT wheel profile the optimized profile has less wear rate, better dynamic performance, and the same safety requirements. Therefore wheel profile optimization has great impact on wheel Rail wear and AALRT have to work on it for better result.



wear index, RRD function, Profile optimization, Dynamic Performance, SIMPACK