Virological and Immunological Features of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-L (Hiv-L) Pre and Post Treatment of Tuberculosis in Coinfected Patients

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Addis Ababa University


The association between HIVand Tuberculosis (I'B) is complex and bi- directional. Recent studies demonstrated that TB accelerates the course of AIDS. In the present study lI'e sought for virological and immunological features of HIV in TB co-ilifected individuals. The study subjects are selected pom Ethio-Netherlands AIDS research project (ENARP) cohort. 8 HIVITB co-ilifected individuals prior to diagnosis of TB, during and after completion of succes~rul TB chemotherapy and 7 CD4 matched HIV-1 ilifected patients without the diagnosis of TB and with one year follow-up were involved As routine laboratory analysis viral load and CD4+cell countll'ere done at the time of blood sample collection. For this study, RNA was isolated pom plasma and the C2V3 region of HIV-f envelope gene was amplified by neste(l ,pO{, r:hain re,action, (PCR).l)ire.ct { [ • , { • " < , " ( { { , { C " , ( [ , , ' sequencing was pelformed for all the PCR~ !Nsitn'e: fJl:O(/ucts. The, :HlVITB, :c(',itJjecled ,~~~"':,,';,,,' ; ~;,,': ;;,,';;, individuals showed a significantly elevate-p plf,lsl!lC[ .!fIV-} .. vi!,G:!: iori4' '(P'f-O; 05) .'durinff treatment of TB with steeper decline in CD4';: 'ck, l? ~'b[l ~, n,t ~'," : (: ;'~d". (5,): .,': li,o ;:l"'e ~er' ,, , : The ds: (synonymous nucleotide substitution) and dns (n~lJ. s:~llqrYilio~,J 'h\IJie~tidi'; ,sl~l;\'1itution)' comparison between the study groups and the' c'ol1ti'ols' elt inra'faJ (befor'e 'st'm't 'oj O'eat/llelit)' and ""f2 months later (qfter completion of TB treatment) didn't sholl' a significant diffirence between the two groups. The ratio of ds and dns between the two time points for both groups was approximated to 1, which shows a positive but weak selection of evolution of the virus. We conclude therefore that plasma H1V-f viral load is elevated during and after treatment of active tuberculosis, but this may not be due to the presence of highly replicative HIV viruses. We recommend jilfure research should focus on isolating the different HIV quasispecies so that one can see if there is a difference in HIV genetic diversity, diversification and diversification rate between the HIVITB and HIV only study population.