Assessment of Fertility Desire and Family Planning Utilization Among HIV Positive People Who Are on Antiretroviral Treatment, Asella Hospital, Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, 2011

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Addis Abeba university


Back ground:- People who are living with HIV / AIDS may or may not have desire of children and want to use family planning . However, the degree of their desires and how it varies by individual social health and demographic characteristics is not well understood. Objective:-To assess fertility desire and family planning utilization in PLWHA that were on follow up care in Asella Hospital ARV treatment unit. Methods:-A cross-sectional health facility based study design supplemented by qualitative in-depth interview was done from November 1 to December 30 2010. The study was conducted in Asella Hospital, Asella Town, Arsi Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia. The study population was all HIV positive people who had at least one visit to the ART unit and age group 18-49 for female and 18-55 for male. The sample size taken were 384 .Pre tested questionnaire was used to collect the data which was entered using EPI info window 2000 and analyzed by SPSS 15.0 statistical packages. The qualitative study sample taken until enough information was obtained and interview included participants, a health service provider at ART, Family planning and VCT service provider at out patient department. Notes were taken and data were grouped in to thematic area words of the respondents were quoted accordingly. Results:- Seventy-five (29.3%) of the women and 56 (43.3%) of the men, totally Hundred thirty one 131(34.1%) of HIV positive people receiving care In Aella ARV treatment unit. HIV infected women desire children than men counter parts (AOR o.o1,95% CI 0, 0.25) ; PLWHAs those who have one/ no child had more desire for children in the future than those who have two and above (AOR 115, 95% CI 3868.6); single individuals had less need than married counter parts (AOR 0.01, CI 0, 0.96). Family planning utilization of PLWHA before knowing their HIV status was 47.7% but current users were 76.5% during the study period. Current FP usage was less in those who were not in marriage than those who were in marriage at study period and those who were on ART for two years or less (AOR 0.04, 95% CI 0.02, 0.1) , 0.5(0.28, 0.89) respectively



Desire and Family Planning