Participation of Instructors in Teacher Development Program: The Case of Diredawa University

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted in Dire-Dawa University on instructors' participation in Teacher Development Program (TDP). To investigate the nature of instructors ' participation in TDP five basic questions were formulated. Proportional stratified sampling and purposive sampling techniques were employed to take samples from the total population. To gather relevant information questionnaire (75 instructors), interview (4- instructors, 6-management, and 3-TDP staff) and document analysis were used. Then after, the gathered data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by using concurrent nested strategy (mixed method). Among the quantitative methods, inferential and descriptive methods were used. The qualitative data were analyzed after collected and categorized. Findings of this research show that, the instructors were participating in few areas, they have benefited from their participation in the available areas of TDP, and the competence of the program facilitators was found satisfactory with some limitations, such as, integrating the discussion with current research out puts and the immediate environment where they can be put in to practice and finally the role of the university management was found unsatisfactory. Instructors were found participating regardless of their pedagogical background and there was no statistically significant difference in getting help across schools in the university from participation. In order to get the desired contribution from the program such recommendations as the program should be led by individuals who are professionally and academically competent, the instructors should be committed for the progress of their own profession, and the UM should change their attitude towards the program were made.



Participation of Instructors in, Teacher Development Program