The Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of the Catalytic Activties of Some L O 5-Cyclooctadiene and 2,5•-Norbornadiene Group Vib Transition Metal C,1rbene Carbonyl Complexes

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Addis Ababa Universty


The reaction of l,5-cyclooctadiene tetracarbonyl tungsten (0) with methyllithium gave products in which the diene is no more coordinated to the metal. It was investigated that the compound is catalytically active and could metathesize 2~ pentene into 2-butene and 3-hexene in the presence of EtAlCl 2 as a cocatalyst. A series of some (diene)U(CO) 4.' :.Jdiene)M(CO} 4 = (l,5-cyclooctadiene}W(CO}4' (2,S-norbornadiene}W(CO}4' (2, S-norbornadiene) Mo (CO) 4' (2, S-norbornadiene) Cr (CO) 4 J, and (CH3CN}3Mo(CO}3 complex were tested in the ratio of M to coca~ talyst to 2--pentene to be 1:0:1000. For comparison the active fofClO-C2HSOH-C2HSAlCl2 System lJaS used. Gas chromatographic analysis of the reaction products showed that (2,5-norbornadiene)W( CO}4 is able to give 59.24% conversion after 24 hours at room temperature. The other complexes showed different percentage conversions and (NBD)Cr(CO) 4 was found to be completely inacti1!e



L O 5-Cyclooctadiene and 2,5•-Norbornadiene