An Investigation Into The Integration of Environmental Education Into Social Studies Course in Some Selected Teacher Training Institutes (T.T.Is) of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this study was to investigate the integration of environmental education into social studies course in the T. T. Is, through examining the trainees' environmental education competencies which involve changes in knowledge, attitudes and skills. To achieve the objectives of the study 321 trainees from four T.T.Is were randomly selected. In addition to this, the instructors of the course and the teaching materials were considered as sources of additional data. A 10-page questionnaire, which included: the test, attitude inventory and rating scale, was administered. The syllabus and the textbook of the course were analyzed and interviews with the instructors were conducted. The data collected were statistically treated. The results suggested that the course seems to have some elements of environmental education, even though they do not measure up to the objectives and standards of the present day environmental education program. The slight majority of the trainees displayed mastery of environmental knowledge as far as the test results are concerned. However, when seen from different directions it is found to be premature to generalize that the trainees have foundational competency in environmental knowledge. Even though the available information and findings alone are not comprehensive to provide conclusive results, the trainees' attitudes toward environmental problems, environmental education and environment in general found to be highly desirable. Regarding environmental skills the trainees appeared to have a minimum competency in environmental action skills. In all the three cases statistically significant differences were observed among the T. T. Is considered. Relatively positive significant relationships were obtained between the trainees' environmental knowledge and environmental attitudes. On the other hand, between the trainees' environmental knowledge and environmental skills and between the trainees' environmental attitudes and environmental skills no clear systematic correlations were obtained. Many constraints and difficulties were reported concerning the integration of environmental topics and activities into the course. In general a very modest and uncoordinated teacher training effort in the area of environmental education seemed to be the rule at every institute studied in this inventory. The practical implications of these findings to the development of environmental education in the course specifically, and in the other courses in general are indicated.



Environmental Education