Designing A Web-Based Eye Bank Information Management System for The Eye Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Eye donation can be defined as the ultimate humanitarian act of charity. In most case, many people are not willing to donate their organs after they die. Furthermore, public also do not know the procedure and the way to register, even willing to donate their eye after death, there is less advertisement, and awareness about eye donation among the community. Besides that, the interested people face many problems to register themselves because they are busy with works, and need to get the application form from only the Eye Bank of Ethiopia. Objective: the main objective of this project is to design a web-based eye bank information management system for the Eye Bank of Ethiopia. Methodology: the project will use object oriented system analysis and design approach and includes data collection tools such as (interview, observation and relevant document review techniques) to collect sufficient data needed for the system to be developed. Analysis and design of the proposed system will be performed using the UML tools. Tools and Techniques: Word document, Visio diagrams, Edraw Max are some of the tools used to create this document. UML diagrams are created to describe the scenarios. Summarization Recommendation: The federal minster of health might support give guarantee by assigning sufficient budget and manpower. The Eye Bank of Ethiopia provide sustainable budget for the implementation of EBIMS and should collaborate with health institutes and also should provide information to the people to increase the awareness for maximizing number of pledge donors : All the systems processes and its boundary were identified and described by using use case diagram. Seventeen processes with their corresponding actors were identified for the system. The flows of the process were presented using activity diagrams sequence diagram. The object models were described by using class diagram. And finally, the system prototype was developed for the user interface testing. The results of the user interface testing shows that User test for the system prototype was done and it shows that 86% of the participants in the evaluation and testing have shown positive attitude and response for the system usability. In this project, I analyzed the current manual system, design, and try to implement prototype a Web-based Eye Bank Information Management System to the Eye Bank of Ethiopia. The prototype can be developed through iterative process along with users‟ feedback. From the user test for the system prototype it is identified that some parts need to be improved The investigator recommends future researchers to implement the complete web-based Eye Bank Information Management System by enriching it with additional functionalities like equipment registration.



Bank Information Management System