Design of Effective Railway Timetable Generation in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The manual system of preparing timetable in railway system with complex network line is very time consuming and usually ends up with various train conflicting either at some stations or at some substations having more than one train at a time. To overcome all these problems it is important to propose to make an automated system. The system takes various inputs like details of railway timetable requirements. Then finding the railway timetable requirements is one of the main ideas in this study. Depending upon these inputs it generates a possible time table. Train timetabling has been a significant issue in the railway industry. This paper presents and develops a railway timetable generation program using PHP which is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. This is a new method. The application of this railway timetable generation program is used to generate timetable common for all type of trains (passenger and freight) and for all type of infrastructures (single truck and double truck). In this study identifying railway timetable requirements and then developing mathematical model of these requirements are the key inputs to create this railway timetable generation program. The main core idea of this work is on the design of railway timetable generation for the purpose of finding departure and arrival time at railway stations and then every train has a defined departure and arrival times at various stations. The result of this work is used to generate periodic timetable, non- periodic timetable or for mixed periodic and non- periodic timetable because of its flexibility program.



Design, Railway Timetable, Ethiopia