The Impact Of Reward Management System On Employee Performance The Case Of Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU)

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Addis Ababa University


Employees are the main assets of any organization. The successes or Failure of the organization mostly depends on their employees. To be successful organizations should have a well-designed reward management system that leads to the best achievement on the output of employees and also on the performance of the organization as a whole. This study seeks to examine the relationship between rewards and employee performance. The research gathered data from two main sources namely secondary and primary sources. The main techniques employed in gathering the primary data were questionnaire survey. A total of 133 questionnaires were distributed to employees of the EEU Eastern Addis Ababa Region office and a total of 103 employees completed the questionnaire properly. The result indicate that there is a statistical significant relationship between Reward Management and Employee Performance. Majority of respondents indicated that the current reward system of EEU do not stimulates or encourages them to work hard. Therefore, Respondents recommended improving the reward system to initiate employees to work hard by offering more incentives or paid more to increase competitiveness within and outside the organization



employee performance, reward Management