Teachers, Students And Community Participation In Primary Schools Improvement Program: The Case of Selected Schools In North Shoa Zone In Amhara Regenalstate

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purpose of this study was to assess teachers, students and community participation in school improvement program in Amhara Regional State, the case of North Shao zone. The method of the study was descriptive survey method. The subjects in this study were 144 teaches, 336 students, 22 Woreda educational personnels, 12 principals, 5 community representatives, 7 parents and PTs members and 28 parents. Data were collected through questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion, and observation checklists. Documents were consulted regarding data analysis. Percentages were used for some data and qualitative data were analyzed qualitatively by the interpretation and description of respondents' ideas. The findings of the study showed that teachers, students and community participation have a positive impact on educational quality and access. It also has a clear impact upon students' enrollment. Community and Parents are participated to solve the problem which obstacle quality and access of education. The findings shown that the community highly interested to contributed money, labor, raw materials (wood, stone, .. ) to building new schools and maintaining schools and send their children to school regularly. The study also showed that the most factors that hindered teachers, students and community participation were getting low income, lack of awareness, the school management and educational experts gave unfair training opportunity to the community and shortage of time. Based on the findings of this study, capacity building should be given to the community through short-term and long-term training program at local level, and the Ministry of Education and the Regional Government should further plan to support community locally to strengt':-en the , access of students to primary education



Case of Selected Schools In North Shoa Zone In Amhara Regenalstate