Assessment of Human Resource Development Practices and Challenges: the Case of Ministry of Labor and Skills

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Addis Ababa University


All organizations, whether they are corporate, public, or non-governmental, must work in partnership with people. This is especially true for organizations that provide services, like government agencies. The purpose of this study was to assess human resource development practices and challenges at the Ministry of Labor and Skills and suggest possible solutions to curb the problems in human resource development practices at the organization's main office. The study focused on the four main HRD functions: training and development, career development, organization development, and challenges. This study employed a quantitative research method. Quantitative data was used in the assessment. The study used both primary and secondary data sources. The survey research design employed by the researcher involved taking a sample of 169 respondents through a stratified, simple random sampling technique to collect data through a questionnaire. To achieve this purpose, a descriptive type of research design using the survey method of data collection was used. Data were analyzed and interpreted using descriptive statistics based on SPSS 20.0 and quantitative technique. The results proved Ministry of labor and skills were not in a good track in practicing training and development, career development, organizational development .In addition, the opportunities were not given to employees to participate in the training and development program need assessment and design. The researcher endorsed that training needs assessment; design and evaluation techniques should be modified to meet the needs of HR development of MOLS. This study also calls for proper Career development program implementation. Finally, the study advises that the upper management should support each human resource development activities to attain its objective effectively



HRD practices, Ministry of Labor and Skills