Evaluating the service quality of Ethiopia‟s industrial park development corporation and its impact on investors' satisfaction

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to assess the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction using SERVQUAL model in the case of Ethiopian industrial park development corporation, EIPDC. The general objective was to explore the service quality of the Corporation and the satisfaction level of investors. This research essentially employed explanatory mixed design to assess the Corporation’s service quality and its impact on customers’ satisfaction. The study purposefully selected two industrial parks: Bole Lemi and Dire Dawa whereby 55 respondents from Dire Dawa and 122 from Bole Lemi indusrial park were involved. Both Quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analysed. Questionnaires were used to measure the five dimensions of service quality (according to the SERVQUAL model) of the corporation based on a five likert scale. Key management staff were also selected for interviews to understand the facts and hear their opinions of the service quality they’re receiving from the corporation. The measures of the service quality dimensions showed that customers at the idustrial parks are at an average level of satisfaction and there are gaps between customers’ expectations and actual service delivered



service quality, customer satisfaction, impact on customers’ satisfaction