Effects of Training on Employee Performance in Ethiopia Revenue and Customs Authority at Customs procedure Sector

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Addis Ababa University


People are considered to be the source of competitive advantage. Many forward looking organizations are giving more emphasis to employees and their related issues. In the cut-throat competitive world, the organizations have realized that their most valuable asset is their human capital and many are convinced for large investments in employee training and development. However, mere investment is not adequate; they have to ensure that the investment made will generate good returns. As a backdrop to this, the present study is undertaken to analyze effect of training on employee performance. The present study was conducted in ERCA. The study made use of descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the data, the study was done based on primary and secondary data sources, all the necessary data has been gathered from primary sources using questionnaires. Stratified simple random sampling technique was used, to make strata. The mean score of training design indicates moderate mean score which means design of the training program of ERCA of is satisfactory. The mean of delivery style also implies moderate mean score. This shows that the trainers of ERCA didn’t deliver the training as expected by the trainee and the mean score of Employees performance is moderate mean score, this result implies employees’ of ERCA have an average performance level since they were not comfortable with the present design and delivery of the training program. Regarding linear correlation between the two variables training and employee performance, are very closely related. This indicates that the trainees will reach at the desired level of performance if the training is well designed and delivered. The other finding of the study shows that delivery style also has a positive and significant relationship with employee performance, In addition to this, the dimensions of training (training design and delivery style) significantly explain the variations in employee performance therefore, this study finding asserts that ERCA training providers should consider these two important dimensions so as to increase employee’s performance. However, the result shows moderate concern is given to those important dimensions by ERCA training providers. Therefore, it is advisable to consider when designing and delivering training so as to make employee’s motivated, committed, productive, and well performer. Key words: training design, training delivery, employee performance. ERCA



training design, training delivery, employee performance, ERCA