Teacher Inclusiveness in their Teaching Practices

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The purpose of this research was to examine teacher’s inclusiveness during their teaching in one selected government elementary school of Addis Ababa. Qualitative approach was employed in this study. Case study research design was applied to explore teacher’s inclusiveness in their teaching practices. From the school five teachers who are teaching inclusive classroom were purposely selected as sample Participants. Interview and observation were used as a tool of data collection. Findings of this study were the following; most teachers prepared for delivering contents through common instruction method for only average students, teachers have knowledge gap on special need education, existences of sound pollution around the classroom, lack of interest on learning among students, no teaching aid for specific subjects like civics, students participation from subject to subjects and also from teachers to teachers was different. However, to overcome and bring changes; developing knowledge related to diversity, and using different instructional strategies to address students diverse learning needs and hearing all voice in the classroom are expected from the teachers.