The Organization of Group Work in Spoken English II Classes: Adama and Jimma Teachers Colleges in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to explore the organization of group tasks in teaching Spoken English II at Adama and Jimma Teachers Colleges. A descriptive case study was employed to achieve this research goal. Two English language instructors and one hundred and six students from both colleges were considered to be the subjects of the study. Questionnaire with a set of both closed and open-ended items were used to secure relevant data from the students. In addition, a semi-structured interview was designed to elicit pertinent information from the instructors. Finally, the third instrument used for data collection was classroom observation. During classroom observation, semi-structured observation checklists were used to collect data while the instructors were teaching Spoken English II to the students. The data collected through the questionnaire were analyzed with descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) and chi-square test. But those data gathered through the interview and classroom observations were qualitatively analyzed. All the data secured from different sources were collated in the discussions to arrive at conclusions regarding the instructors' practices of group task organization. The results of the study generally suggest that the instructors did not properly organize group tasks, which were designed for teaching Spoken English II. Consequently, group tasks seemed to suffer from different problems created at various stages of organization. The tasks did not appear to provide the students with helpful learning atmosphere in order to practice speaking and develop their oral skills. Recommendations were forwarded to alleviate the problems.



Organization of Group Work