Dynamic Analysis and Improving Crashworthiness of Side-Impact Beam for Saloon type Vehicles

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Addis Ababa University


Side impact collision of vehicle is one of the awfully hazardous crashes causing injuries and death annually around the word. In this paper, the most important parameters including material, geometry and rib arrangement were studied to improve the crashworthiness during vehicle-to-vehicle side collision. In the side impact, the side door impact structure is responsible to absorb the most possible kinetic energy. Different side impact structures are designed as alternative structure and are modeled with CAD software (CATIA V5) and then analyzed with FEM software (LS-DYNA with ANSYS R15). This research had taken the present geometry and material for side impact beam structure of Lifan-520 model as saloon car type. The side impact collision structure analysis accomplished for different materials to compare the weight and impact behavior. In this study, a side impact beam made of different materials and geometries were studied by impact modeling to determine the deflection, acceleration and energy-absorption behavior. The mentioned characteristics were compared to each other to find appropriate material and geometry. Finally, side impact beam with crossed rib arrangement (-type) and implication of Carbon/PEEK composite material having better specific internal energy absorption, more stable and acceptable deflection within a limited crumple zone are founded for improvement of crashworthiness. Key Words: Crashworthiness, Energy Absorption, Maximum Deflection, Acceleration, Composite Materials



Crashworthiness; Energy Absorption; Maximum Deflection; Acceleration;Composite Materials