Modeling, Design and Control of The Belt Drive System In Finchawa Sugar Factory

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This thesis presents the modeling, design and control of the belt drive system in Finchawa sugar factory. Belt drives have been serving in this industry for a long period of time. Certain features of belt drives such as slippage, tension fluctuations, and sliding of the belt on the pulleys lead to highly nonlinear deformation, large rigid body motion, dynamical contact with sticking and slipping zones and cyclic tension. In addition to these problems, in Finchawa sugar factory, the tracking control mechanism of the belt drive system has many problems. The main problem is slow response and lack of accuracy. This is because the control is manual with simple ON/OFF control mechanism which is more difficult to obtain fast response and accurate tracking. The performance of motion control for belt drives is important in many industrial fields and is affected by these factors. PI control can improve performance specification of belt drive system and result in a faster dynamic response and more accuracy. Hence in this thesis, modeling of a linear belt-drive system and designing of PI controller for its position and speed control mechanisms has been examined by changing the reference of the system with the maximum steady state error of 0.0027% and good transient performance with rise time less than 0.1 second. Friction phenomena and position dependent elasticity of the belt was analyzed. The PI controller has been designed for accurate speed and position control mechanism and was simulated on MATLAB.



Belt-drive system, nonlinearities modeling, tracking control, PI control