Effect of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment of Employees At Kirkos Sub City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


This paper aims at examining the effect of job satisfaction on organizational commitment on the employees of Kirkos Sub City Administration by applying quantitative research approach and explanatory research design. Standardized questionnaires of job satisfaction and organizational commitment were used to collect data from sample respondents. For the purpose of this study probability design in the form of simple random sampling was used. The study used J. Carvalho’s archival application of mathematical sampling techniques. Accordingly, 200 questionnaires were distributed and 186(93%) were obtained and used for further analysis. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS software version 20.The finding revealed that there is high level of employees’ organizational commitment and ambivalent level of job satisfaction. According to the result of the study, significant positive relationship was found between job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The result of the study also revealed that job satisfaction is a major predictor of organizational commitment. According to the researcher forward the following recommendation .The districts’ HR should work on improving employees job satisfaction in order to increase employees organizational commitment



Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, affective Organizational Commitment