Female Student Stream Choice and Academic Performance in Preparatory Schools in East Wallega Zone, Oromia Region

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose (objective) of this study was to examine the stream choice and perfo rmance of fe lllale students in preparatory schools of East Wallaga Zone Oromia region. To achieve iii is objec tive da ta were collected from 201 felllale stu de nts and 74 teacher respondents using instrulllen is sllch as questionnaire, interuiew alld doclllllellts analysis. The data obtained were all(llyzed ill lerllls of percentage. Data f rom interuiew II/ere II llalyzed using narration . Findings revealed Ihat fel/lII le studen ts' stream choice was Iligllly il1jlllell ced by peer group advice, family expectation (specially mothers) and the individu al ill teres 1 offemale studenls themselves, which had happened ll'ililOllt hauing enough info rmatioll aboul the slrelllllS. There was relative increment of social science fenwle students in the last four years wllereas, their achievement was lower than nalurnl sciell ce stream students. Potential fac tors for female students' low performance IPere female studellts' less effort in studying, low confidence, lack of parental financial support, mothers poor educational back ground and parents' low expectatiOlls about female students academic perfonllllllce. Generally female students' streanl choice seems that had happened IPithout having better knowledge about the streams and because of the pressure from peer group and family. This manifested itself in academic peljorlllance of female students' of social science stream Ihan natural science in their 1,1 Sel1les ter grade twelve 2007/8 E.e. Examination result. For female students' stream choice, giving detailed orien tation about each stream and l1laking them free from external pressure, and to allain this, strellgthening guidance and counseling sen/ices by profeSSional counselors are suggested. Woreda Education office and preparatory schools should jointly work to change fam ily alii tude in order to invest material and finan ce for the successful achievement of female students and be convinced that female students can exert equal efforts as males in education are suggested.



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