An Assessment on the Practices of Financing of Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions in Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the practices of financing public TVET institutions in Addis Ababa city Administration. To this end descriptive survey method was employed. The sample consists of 12 principals and vice principals 44 department heads, 4 TVET leaders in the sub city, 9 experts of TVET 12 finance and purchase officers. Purposive sampling approach was employed in selecting principals, vice principals and TVET leaders where as simple random sampling method was used to select the TVET expert and finance and purchase officers. A questionnaire structured, interviews and documents were used as the main instruments of data collection. The data collected from these sources were analyzed using percentages and rank order. The results of the study clearly indicated that there were noticeable problem in practices of financing public TVET institutions. Major problems that affected the practices of financing in TVET institutions were limited source of finance shortage of budget for training, budget execution problem, using of traditional budget preparation and allocation mechanism. To alleviate this problem diversifying finance through searching new sources externally and internally within TVET institutions, involvement of all the direct beneficiaries (the government, employers), improving ways of purchasing and distribution of material and budget utilization through training and revision of the existing system.



Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutions