Performance of Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector: The Case of Ethiopian Meat Processing and Export Industry Sub-sector

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia is one of the countries with largest livestock populations in Africa. However, the performance of meat processing and export of the country is very low compared to other similar economies with low livestock population. There are different internal and external factors for this poor performance of the sector. The main objective of this study is thus to assess the performance of meat processing and export sector of Ethiopia and its trends, identifying the major challenges and opportunities in the sector. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used in the study. In addition, primary and secondary data were collected and used for analysis. The primary data were collected using semi-structured questionnaire. Sample abattoirs were selected for the study based on their length of service, performance, employee number and 35 sample participants were selected from each abattoirs using convenient sampling. In addition, secondary data were collected from reports of NBE, MoFED, and CSA to undertake trend analysis for five years (2010/11 – 2014/15) on selected abattoirs. Analysis was made to identify the relationship between variables identified in the paper using SPSS and Microsoft Excl. Results of the study revealed that shortage of livestock supply both in quantity and quality, lack of standard functional export abattoirs and slaughtering houses and problem of livestock market structure, inconsistent price, absence of sufficient infrastructural facilities and logistic supplies are the major constraints hindering the performance of meat processing and export. Hence, to enhance the performance of meat processing and export industry, it is very important to enhance the supply of quality livestock, minimize livestock market intermediaries, expand the number of standard export abattoirs and work on livestock related infrastructure such as transportation and modern fattening facilities so as to enhance the performance of the sector. The paper also invites researcher to assess the determinants of investment on meat processing and export in Ethiopia. Keywords: Livestock, Export abattoirs, Meat processing and Export performance



Livestock, Export abattoirs, Meat processing and export performance